Invest with us

We focus on sourcing high-income producing, buy to let property investments in London and across the South East of England. 

We have many years of experience in sourcing  property deals that has provided both small and large investors with access to heavily discounted investment opportunities offering fantastic returns.

Our experienced team has successfully guided many investors to financial freedom through our bespoke property investment services. Catering to first time investors to those with portfolios worth millions of pounds, we offer a unique service by allowing individuals to purchase property that is pre-negotiated and completely off market. This allows for a hands-off investment from day one.

We have built solid relationships with large property establishments and corporations to ensure we provide our clients with unrivalled prospects. Almost all of our deals are completely exclusive and are not available anywhere else.

Our unparalleled service ensures that prospective investors are given a free one-to-one consultation with one of our expert property investment consultants. We will sit down with you and evaluate your investment objectives then present you with a careful selection of buy to let opportunities that are tailored to your objectives.

Many of our clients look towards buy to let for the following reasons:

  • We are able to increase their property investment portfolio at a better rate than the banks can offer.
  • To build a successful buy to let portfolio.
  • To supplement their retirement income as pensions are unreliable.
  • To earn additional income and improve quality of life.
  • To secure their children’s financial future.

Whether you are looking to buy a PD, shop and uppers, care home, house conversions we have the deals. Furthermore you can register your details with us and we have an excellent track record of sourcing the right property for you. Our services go well beyond offering the investment leading to, Lettings, Management, Plans, Developments, Refurbishments.

Whatever the reason, our team at the Easy Lettings Investment office can help you achieve your property goals. Through many years of experience, we have learnt to see trends and spot potential where others might not, whilst also avoiding potential problems along the way. Our team are happy to share this knowledge with you so contact us today on 0208 458 0810